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Backfire Moto Seattle/SODO. The 3rd Wednesday every month

  • Backfire Moto, Seattle 2233 6th Avenue South Seattle, WA, 98134 United States (map)
  • This event in our area not sponsored or affiliated with the WVM - Washington Vintage Motorcyclist. 

  • The WVM - Washington Vintage Motorcyclists bears NO responsibility/liability for persons attending the public events in our area.

BREAKING NEWS for BACKFIREMOTO! And it is GOOD News! We have found a better location for Backfiremoto !
WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE HAVE FOUND A GREAT NEW LOCATION AND FORGED A RELATIONSHIP WITH MATT BELL AT "THE SHOP " IN THE INDUSTRIAL ZONE IN SODO. This new location ensures that The Backfiremoto that you are familiar with, will remain the same but with some surprising new additions that we think that you will like. 
★ Backfiremoto will have acres of CAR FREE - free - PARKING all around and ON the premises.
★ Backfiremoto is moving to an even more INDUSTRIAL AREA where it belongs.
★ Backfiremoto will have INDOOR areas to hang out amongst bikes and other attendees.
★ Backfiremoto will be centrally located in our city. 
★ Backfiremoto will have a great selection of food and beverages from Food Trucks and Derby Restaurant.
★ Backfiremoto will be enabled to go year-round by our lighted indoor areas.
★ Backfiremoto will have access to tire inflation, battery chargers, some tools in case you need it for the ride home.
★ Backfiremoto will have covered outdoor areas to park and hang out under.
★ Backfiremoto will have covered beer gardens where we can see the bikes as they roll in and park. 
★ Backfiremoto will have and more space for us to expand and curate moto related culture and ART. 
★ Backfiremoto will still be FREE as it always was. 
★ LAST BUT NOT LEAST - THE FIRE PITS WILL BE BACK !!!!!! ( just like the early days of Backfiremoto)
Why move from Ballard? Well, if you didn't notice that the amount of available parking in Ballard for attendees was dwindling each year for the past few years, many of us did. Motorcycle parking is a fundamental necessity for our event. Like most of Seattle, Ballard is changing very quickly. Loss of parking spaces and the enstating of paid metered spaces is the reason for less parking at Backfiremoto. Unfortunately, this new parking situation has progressively made it harder for our attendees to show up and park for the event. After the metered parking occurred on Ballard Ave. a few years ago, our street parking began to disappear. Sadly, Ballard Avenue and Leary Way employees and residents have nowhere to park except in the streets on this side of Leary. Some of the parking opened up after about 6-7 pm but that is too late. On top of that, the new "Burke-Gillman missing link " project will remove hundreds of MORE parking spaces from Shilshole adjacent to Backfire causing even more employees and residents to park in the "Backfire Zone ". It is our belief that they will add paid parking meters in the area soon as well. On top of all of that, apparently, there will be a high probability of a large-scale development of a large property between 49th and 50th street in the next year or so. This would disrupt or completely end the parking on 49th and 50th street for a few years. Fortunately, we have secured a relationship to sustain Backfiremoto for years to come! The Shop is focused on enabling individuals to do their own work on their vehicles and D.I.Y. moto- culture is what Backfire has always been about as well. It's a great match.
We would like to thank SHELTER LOUNGE and NW Peaks Brewery, Stone's German Garage , Lux , Filson and all their friendly staffs for their support over the years. We will always remember their warm hospitality to our moto-community!
As usual, there will be people who will not welcome this change. We are sorry, but this change is beyond our control and the new location is going to be awesome. If you are skeptical, please give us and the new location a chance to prove itself. We are confident that you will like it! As we all know, Seattle is changing very quickly. We are lucky to have a great option to move to a space that will accommodate us and actually improve the experience of Backfiremoto. ★THE SPRING OPENER is Wednesday, March 21st 2018 4PM 2233 6th Ave. South (THE SHOP - in the SODO industrial district)★
Sincerely , Todd , Sean and Sean at
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